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Our curriculum is flexible and can be adapted to the local demand. Courses can be integrated into existing university studies or stand-alone seminars.

Admission Prerequisite

Prospective students must demonstrate passion and the ability to teach others and must embrace the responsibility to do so. Students will receive:

  •  3 Training Modules Per Year 

  •  20 Hours per Module

  • Each module builds from the previous one (you must pass each module before proceeding to the next.)

  • Each module consists of classroom instruction plus the practical application of each lesson between the modules 

  • T3 will provide guidance on tuition recommendations per region 

  • T3 has established a standard reporting system to ensure the program's integrity and accountability for both parties

  • Offers a full two-year ministry training curriculum for those interested in pursuing a vocational ministry


What Will We Provide?

  • Full turnkey solution for each of the major programs of study

  • Provide mentoring services for the program 

  • T3 commissioning service

  • T3 certificate of commissioning 

How Will Our Partners/ Universities Benefit?

  • Community outreach

  • Increased harvest of souls

  • Increased revenue for the Kingdom

  • Potential enhancement to existing university curriculums 

  • Leadership development Marketplace Ministry

  • Economic development 

  • Potential kingdom entrepreneur creation 

  • Biblical stewardship that promotes sound financial principles 


This picture was taken in Myanmar 

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