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Pastors Bank and Sharon Akinmola are visionary Pastors with over 30 years of experience leading churches and missionaries to be effective in spiritual growth, outreach, long and short term missions, community impact, and relational depth.


Through engaging teaching, leadership development, creative programming, and empowering staff and volunteers to serve the local church, the Akinmolas are community-driven and love humanity. They love to interfaces seamlessly with others from all levels, backgrounds, and cultures. 

Their areas of expertise are biblical preaching/teaching for life application and transformation, vision strategy and tactics, creative stewardship development, leadership development, healthy church development coaching, new ministry development, and the development of multicultural leaders. 

Through the leadership of Pastors Bank and Sharon Akinmola, the T3 staff has been thoroughly trained, groomed, equipped, prepared, and empowered to lead others through their various ministries. 

Our staff comes with outstanding professional and educational credentials, but what makes them a perfect fit at T3 is their heart and passion for missions, and their collective desire to see the Kingdom of God expanded here on earth. 


Bank and Sharon Akinmola 

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